HuRis products and add-ons provide fast results at little cost and ensure that you get solid solutions realized by means of conventional techniques. HuRis’ services also guanrantee support whenever you use our products. Now and in the future.

If you have any questions about any of our products or if you have yourself some idea about functionality that is missing in your standard SAP SuccessFactors system, please contact us.


Document manager

Easily create documents after which the sending, signing and saving of the documents received is carried out fully automatically.

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Employee experience portal

A single destination with your own company branding, centered around the employees need. For all moments that matter in the Employee Experience Management.

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Expense manager

Your expense management becomes easier, faster and cheaper with digital expense claims using Expense Manager for SuccessFactors.

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Import manager

With the Import Manager, HR representatives can import data with a user-friendly tool, saving a lot of time and preventing errors.

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Resource manager

With the Resource Manager, you enable managers to request resources for new or open vacancies in a structured and compliant way.

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Illness manager

The Illness Manager helps your organization with a quick reintegration of your employee. The management of absenteeism and reintegration activities (in accordance with the "Wet Verbetering Poortwachter") is supported at a central location.

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Flexben manager

The FlexBen Manager allows users to make their choices within the framework of the Flexible Employment Conditions.

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HR analytics

If you need data on illness frequency or duration, new hires, exits, promotions, outstanding leave days, and more, you can find them all in our HR Analytics with out-of-the box dashboards.

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Payroll change report

Payroll Change Report provides specific change reports for HR data not included in SuccessFactors.

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