HR analytics

No matter if you need data to make decisions, need information for your board meeting or want to assure your organization plans are on track, all manager and HR executives want to have instant access to the most crucial data within the organization.

With our HR analytics on SuccessFactors this is now within reach.


If you need data on:

  • illness frequency or duration
  • new hires
  • exits
  • promotions
  • outstanding leave days
  • and many more

You can find them all in our HR Analytics with out-of-the box dashboards.


Just drill down to business unit, gender, age category  or other metrics to get the data you need. The charts and raw data are downloadable for easy use in presentations or memo’s.

HR analytics is of course integrated in SuccessFactors with access based on role based permission.

Also watch the video on this page or download our leaflet.

For more information or a demo of HR Analytics please contact us directly.

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