Illness manager

The costs of absenteeism are on average 4% of total labour costs, which offers enormous potential for savings. The most important success factor is management attention and support for the sick employees to realize a fast and effective reintegration. However, managers, case managers and employees often lack proper tooling to support the reintegration.


The Illness Manager helps your organization with a quick reintegration of your employee. The management of absenteeism and reintegration activities (in accordance with the “Wet Verbetering Poortwachter”) is supported at a central location.

The users have all the necessary information at their disposal, are informed about the activities in a timely manner and can keep track of the progress, including documentation. In this way, a complete file is automatically built up for the employee where HR and management can keep track of whether the right activities are being undertaken.


Fully integrated in SuccessFactors

  • user-friendly User Interface
  • works with real time information from SuccesFactors
  • makes use of existing authorisations (Role Based Permissions)
  • template based implementation for rapid implementation

Excellent user support

  • facilitates all roles: case manager, line manager, HR representative, health and safety employees and the employee himself
  • all information easily available
  • efficiently report sick, partially sick and recovered
  • encourages managers to actively support the reintegration of employees
  • notifications when actions are needed

Meet the requirements

  • create a complete digital file
  • in full compliance with Dutch legislation and any company regulations

Also watch the video on this page or download our leaflet.

For more information or a demo of the Illness Manager please contact us directly.

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