Children of the voedselbank

HuRiaan Sem Meereboer about Children of the voedselbank:

‘Stichting Children of the Voedselbank is committed to counteracting the social consequences of child poverty in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, no less than 1 in 9 children lives below the poverty line.

For these children there is often no money for new clothes or treats on their birthday. Children can be very direct with each other, if they do not invite others to a party they are not allowed to come themselves, and they are excluded.

This foundation helps children by sending clothing and birthday packages to children of parents who are dependent on the Food Bank. Being able to give a treat at school and also enough in the package to be able to give a birthday with 9 friends, it can make a world of difference in the eyes of a child.

This charity appeals to me, because a child cannot influence his or her financial situation. It is unnecessary that things that seem so obvious to many, such as a new coat or a new racing car, are rare for some children.’

In addition to these packages, the foundation also donates tickets for fun family outings, so that in addition to material things, other precious things are also contributed to: making beautiful memories.

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