Employee experience portal

As the world becomes increasingly digital, every employee has to work with countless applications that should make the organization and employee more efficient and effective.

The reality is that most employees find all these different systems confusing and no longer have a clue how to access them and what they can find where.

This can be a thing of the past with the Employee Experience Portal, which is designed around the employee as a single access point with your own look and feel and which is geared towards the needs of your employees.


No matter what kind of application you use to help, facilitate, inform, train or develop your employee, they can now all be integrated into your own fully personalized business portal. With single sign-on, secure authentication, personalized settings and of course 100% mobile and desktop friendly.


  • from pay slips to performance feedback
  • from news to work information
  • from self-service helpdesks to everything the employee wants and needs
  • sharing information and messaging
  • fully integrated in SuccessFactors ad a User-friendly Interface.


Also watch the video on this page or download our leaflet.

For more information or a demo of the Employee Experience Portal please contact us directly.

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