The dependency on your HR system is increasing because of integration between different systems, Self Service and Payroll. Your organization places higher demands on support while at the same time the execution becomes more complex. HuRis can help you with this.


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HuRis has extensive knowledge and experience with all modules of SuccessFactors, SAP Payroll and all components of SAP-HCM. We quickly have the right expertise at our disposal, enabling us to provide immediate added value.

We can not only help you manage your current functionality, but also optimise and expand the use of SAP SuccessFactors.

We provide flexible support for your demand, at the right time and with the right knowledge and experience.


Our HuRis Support Team is the central point of contact for all operational matters. This HuRis Support Team is available on workdays for all your changes, incidents and questions regarding your SAP SuccessFactors, SAP-HCM system or one of our HuRis products. Through our online ticket system, the HuRis Support Portal you can submit your request to us and track the status and progress of your requests. For this you need to have an account in our ticket system. Please contact us if you want an account and support from us. In addition to the standard support, we can also support you with Release Management. With each SuccessFactors release, we inform you in a workshop about the changes in SuccessFactors that are of interest to you, and advise you which changes to make to your system.

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