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Welcome to the news update for SuccessFactors 2019. Below you will find the latest news and advices for your SuccessFactors system.

If you have any questions, changes to your system or seek advice, please contact us via or call +31 6 30 40 50 30

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SuccessFactors update Q4
On the 8thof November all Early Preview systems received the new Q4 (1911) update from SuccessFactors. The Production upgrade of this release will take place on the 6thof December 2019.

Please test your preview system before the 6thof December. If you find any issues, please let us know or report a ticket to SAP Support.

Update picklist
We informed you in our previous news update that there would be a picklist upgrade to simplify your ability to manage all picklists in one place (Picklist Center). This roll out was postponed but is now in progress. In fact, your system might already have been upgraded. If not, please keep an eye out for SuccessFactors notification when your system is due for the picklist upgrade. In some cases, work is needed before and after the upgrade, so let us know in advance when your system is scheduled in.

Report Center push
The Report Center will be pushed for all customers and will benefit your report management. Note that this mandatory push is only relevant if you are not using the Report Center at this moment. Most customers are already using the Report Center and for them there is not action required.


  • Preview environments will be upgraded after Q3 2019 Preview release.
  • Production environments will be upgraded after Q4 2019 Production release.

Upgrade will be split into multiple weekends and notification will be sent to customers by SAP.

A Role-Based Permission modification is needed to add Report Center access to the user roles that currently have permissions to utilize reports. This change must be made after the enablement of the Report Center. Please notify us when you receive an email from SAP for this.


HuRis Release Management

If you use our Release Management service, you have been informed about all changes and new functionality available in the Q4 update. Are you not yet customer of our Release Management Service? And do you want to know all changes and new functionality in new updates relevant for your company? Please contact HuRis Support Team or your HuRis Account Manager.

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