Ticketing manager

When you want to apply to fill a new or open vacancy, it often takes a lot of time, is very inefficient, can be frustrating and there is hardly any control over the process and budget.

This can all be a thing of the past with our Resource Manager, where you have one central entrance to hire people in a fast and intuitive way.


With this great tool, managers get:

  • A clear and easy process that respects company policies, workflows and guidelines
  • Full insight into the status of vacancies from application to approval
  • Options to fill vacancies in advance with standard responsibilities and requirements
  • Automatic notifications and workflow where approved vacancies are sent directly to the appropriate channels
  • Out-of-the-box integration with SuccessFactors Recruiting and SuccessFactors Employee Central
  • Full integration with external suppliers and agencies


So whether you need to create a new position, replace someone, need an internal or external employee, for temporary or permanent positions, you can take care of it all within our Resource Manager!


Also watch the video on this page or download our leaflet.

For more information or a demo of the Resource Manager please contact us directly.

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