International Justice Mission

The International Justice Mission Foundation has been nominated by Elise.

Recently I was captivated by the video below about Aaron. As a toddler (2), Aaron was sexually abused in front of the webcam, mainly for the pleasure of Western men. You don’t want to imagine that this would happen to your child, grandchild, nephew or niece, do you?

In developing countries, violence is a daily threat to the poorest. Children and adults are still exploited in the sex trade or forced to work in e.g. brick kilns, rice factories and on fishing boats. More than 40 million people are held in slavery. Unfortunately, slavery is not something from the distant past.

International Justice Mission is a group of lawyers and social workers who are committed to freeing (modern) slaves, working on their recovery, prosecuting slave owners by authorities and changing legal systems.

Financial support is needed to eradicate modern slavery. Will you help? For more information:             

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