Jarige Job

Stichting Jarige Job has been nominated by Sylvia Fintelmann

Every child deserves a birthday

A beautiful moment every year for me is seeing the twinkle in the eyes of my children when it is their birthday: the balloons, the garlands, the attention and of course the presents. Singing together and blowing out candles…..with pride in their stride they hand out their little presents at school and as icing on the cake all their friends sing for them at school. One big celebration.

For about 100.000 children in the Netherlands this doesn’t come naturally because there is not enough money at home to celebrate the birthday. Foundation Jarige Job treats children from the poorest families to an unforgettable birthday. The foundation doesn’t give money, but a birthday box worth €35 full of decorations, treats for the class and teachers, snacks for the birthday guests and a nice gift. A team of over 100 volunteers ensures that more than 10.000 boxes a month are sent out to all the birthday boys and girls.

Will you also donate for a box full of happiness?

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