Red Cross

The Red Cross has been nominated by Sander

Helping people in need and preparing people for disasters is more needed than ever! We see the consequences of conflicts and climate change on TV and social media every day. This makes me realize all the more that we have it very good here at HuRis. That is why I would very much like to nominate the Red Cross to continue all the good work they do. With your donation on behalf of HuRis to the Red Cross, multi-year projects in the field of disaster preparation and prevention can be made possible and we can ensure that the Red Cross can continue to provide first aid to people in need!

In countries such as Ukraine, Syria and East Africa, the Red Cross is active with first aid for food, drink and psychosocial aid. People who really need our help! In addition to emergency aid, the Red Cross also provides financial support to projects that make communities less vulnerable to natural disasters. The Red Cross is also active in the Netherlands with 14,000 volunteers who are ready day and night to help with first aid at events, help with calamities and help vulnerable people. In short, the Red Cross can definitly use your support.

Thank you in advance for your donation on behalf of HuRis to support the Red Cross.

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