HuRis add-ons GDPR proof

SAP has ensured in the latest releases that SAP-HCM and SuccessFactors are ready for GDPR. This means configuration activities for you to make the right choices for your system.

As HuRis Cloud Services we have recently prepared our own add-ons for GDPR. For this, we carried out an analysis of the data (purpose limitation, data limitation, storage limitation and integrity and confidentiality) that are used by all our Add-ons. Of course, under the Personal Data Protection Act, various measures concerning purpose limitation, data limitation, storage limitation and integrity and confidentiality were already included in the design right from the start of the service for our Add-ons. In addition, additional measures have now been taken within the framework of the GDPR for the various Add-ons:

  • All log files, input files and out files are stored for a maximum of 28 days.
  • Options have been added within the Document Manager and Illness Manager to conceal employee photos.

These adjustments for the GDPR were delivered in the May releases and activated at all customers.

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