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Welcome to the HuRis Support newsletter about the Release changes of SuccessFactors.

Picklist migration
From October 13, SAP has started the migration of the legacy picklist (the .csv selection lists) to MDF picklists. It is expected that you have already received information about this from SAP.
If you have any further questions about this or would like support during this migration, please contact Huris Support ( As HuRis we advise to perform regression tests with specific attention to integrations and interfaces.

From Q4 universal Fiori look & feel for SuccessFactors
During the Q4 release the universal Fiori look and feel will be rolled out over the SuccessFactors system. Among other things the homepage and the employee file will get a different, improved user experience.
If you have not yet activated this functionality, or if you have any questions or would like support with this change, please contact Huris Support ( For more information you can also study the Fiori Quick Start Guide and the FAQs .

Would you like to receive information every quarter about the new release in a workshop, specifically aimed at your system, please look here.

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