As of 1 March 2023, HuRis will become part of TheValueChain, an SAP partner based in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France and Switzerland. HuRis will keep its identity, staff, management team, existing stakeholders, offices and customers, though TheValueChain will become a majority shareholder.   We are first and foremost excited to merge with one of the […]

HuRis Support: New Successfactors homepage

In the first release in 2022, the current homepage will be replaced by the new (reimagined) homepage. As of April 15th on preview, and May 20th on production, it will therefore no longer be possible to use the current homepage The new homepage has become available a while back. In the current (2021 H2) release, […]

Flexible Benefits solved in SuccessFactors

With HuRis’ Flexben Manager, employees can easily make their own choices. The Flexben Manager of HuRis offers the possibility to start request processes from SuccessFactors based on the granted authorizations within SuccessFactors. The Flexben Manager shows the right package of programs, and possibilities for the specific employee based on Payroll and Time-off data. It supports […]

HuRis Digital Workplace hits the mark!

Many organizations use many different applications that support their business processes. This means that employees and managers have to log on to different systems and often have trouble finding the right information quickly or to fully execute or track a process.
HuRis has developed the Digital Workplace for this purpose. The Digital Workplace provides employees and managers with a single central point of access and direct access to all the necessary information and business applications. And all this in the corporate identity of your organisation!

HuRis add-ons GDPR proof

SAP has ensured that SAP-HCM and SuccessFactors are ready for GDPR.
As HuRis Cloud Services, we have recently prepared our own add-ons for GDPR, so that you can comply with all legal obligations.

Release update Document Manager

We are pleased that we have been able to release a new release of the Document Manager with interesting new features.
With this new release we continue to improve our services to our customers.

100.000 documents generated with HuRis Document Manager!

Every year, more and more SuccessFactors customers choose the HuRis Document Manager as a solution for the (automatic) generation of all their contracts and letters and for their Digital P-Dossier. As a result, we have already generated 100,000 contracts and letters, and are expected to generate the 200,000th document by 2018. A great result!  

HuRis Support about the GDPR

The European General Data Protection Regulation, the GDPR, will have impact on all businesses that process personal data for European citizens. The GDPR will be applied on the 25th of May 2018. SAP has been developing tools to support your organisation to be compliant to the GDPR, including Human Resources tools.

Major release Document Manager

We’re very happy to announce a new major release of the Document Manager! The Document Manager is an HuRis SuccessFactors add-on for Document Generation and handling, including an integrated Digital Personnel File. With this new release we’ve improved the usability, and integrated the user experience with the new new SuccessFactors improvements. Besides that all functionality […]

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